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What is the technique you use?

For the pieces of wall art I make, the techniques are called modern hand weaving (tapestry or woven wall hangings) and punch needle embroidery.

Do you offer workshops, online training, guides etc?

At the moment, I do not offer any of the above. I am self taught, I've purchased lots of online courses (from very talented textile artists) and experimented with a range materials and styles. Here are some super informative and affordable courses I would highly recommend (ones I have done myself are marked with an *):

For modern hand weaving (or making tapestries or wall hangings): 

For punch needle embroidery:

Also definitely deep dive into the hashtags on instagram, there are soo many and you'll find lots of fibre artists that share lots of IGTVs and time lapse videos!

Where do you buy your wool and materials?

I live in Sydney, Australia so I buy a majority of my materials in person at local craft stores like Spotlight and Lincraft. As I have started to replicate a lot of my popular pieces, using yarn from these large department stores is more reliable long term for replicating the same colours. I also really value seeing the colours and comparing the shades and texures in person, so visiting the shops is my personal preference.

I also lots buy lots of affordable acrylic yarn buy from large department stores like Big W and Kmart, and small bargin shops because they stock a range of shades not stocked by these bigger craft stores. For more special fibres like merino wool and roving, I go to Morris and Sons in the city and Virginia Farm Wool Works in Castle Hill. Because I work with a lot of colour, I try to collect an array of colours and shades to experiment with. 

Some small Australian businesses I regularly purchase from:

How do you choose the colours you use?

Although I love colours so much, I'm also very picky about how and when I use them. I haven't really studied colour theory, but I have my own visual balance of how I incorporate an array of colours into a single artwork. It's very meticulous but mostly my personal preference and when I am satisfied that the colours seamlessly work together.

Within my fibre practice, I have collected so much yarn, so I am able to lay out alot of colours before start creating, which has been super helpful. I use very deep colours sparingly, and focus more on vibrant and saturated hues. This is pretty much my signature style across all the mediums I create with now, which is awesome. 

How long have you been making fibre art?

I started weaving wall hangings in 2015 on/off as a hobby, I would usually make custom gifts for friends and family. In mid 2019, I decided to commit time to weaving as a creative art practice and I created my instagram to share my work. In May 2020, I ordered a punch needle off Etsy and began punch needling. 

I have more questions, can I email/message you on instagram? 

At the moment these are the only questions I will be answering. thenuanua is very much a creative space for me to share my art. As I have invested alot of time and money in learning and experimenting to create my own style and aesthetic, I am protective of maintaining that aesthetic as my own.

Like alot of other fibre artists that I know of, I am self-taught and have just done a lot of research and watched many videos on youtube. There is so much information available online, and the courses I have recommended were so helpful when I was learning and I know they can help you too!

Another thing that I remind people is that experimentation is key, don't be discouraged by not having the exact same materials and fibres you see other people using.  Always try making things with what you have/what you can find around you - that's exactly what I did and I discovered some pretty cool things!